Thanks Dad

My father was a tortured soul.  Brought up in a family of Jewish immigrants, his siblings were all looking to become rich and successful while he chose the path of being an artist.  The truth is, he wanted to be as financially successful as his brothers and sisters.  However he didn’t want to be a businessman, he wanted to be an artist.  No matter what injustice the world seemed to bring down upon his life, he always had his studio.  Every day he would go there and paint for hours, sometimes returning in states of ecstasy and sometimes returning in despair.  I’m sure if it weren’t for his studio, he probably would have ended up in a mental institution.

The creative act, whether it’s painting, acting, taking a photograph or any other creative endeavour is our religion.  It’s where we’re able to touch God and experience that freedom.

Art was a part of our lives.  My father took us to art galleries and museums when we were kids.  Art was all around us.

My dad was not the father figure that a young boy would ask for but when I look back on things I am so grateful to him for teaching me about creativity and for making art a natural part of my life.

Thanks dad.

~ by danbaumbach on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Thanks Dad”

  1. A father who is around, a father who touches you, a father who takes you anywhere is a good father. Anyone who has such a figure in their lives is blessed and is thankful.

  2. Creativity or a creative perspective are a difficult thing to convey and learn. I’d say your dad turned out to be a great father figure… just not in the traditional sense. Great blog Dan. I look forward to reading more in the future.

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