I Want To Disturb Your Time-Space Continuum

Mist and Ice won a Merit Award at the GRO Exhibition

I was recently in a juried group exhibition at Gallery Route One in Point Reyes Station. I was surprised and pleased that I was juried into the exhibit because I didn’t think my work was edgy enough for them. Well I got two pieces in. One got a Merit Award and the other one was sold.

At the opening I had the opportunity to speak with the juror, Jeremy Morton, a teacher at San Francisco Art Institute. He told me that he tells his students that if they can disturb the time space continuum of their viewers then they have been successful.

I usually just say I want my images to move you but I liked Jeremy’s metaphor better. I want to disturb your time space continuum.

~ by danbaumbach on February 25, 2009.

8 Responses to “I Want To Disturb Your Time-Space Continuum”

  1. Consider me disturbed, Dan (other people do). This is an amazing image and I appreciate having a print of it to enjoy.

  2. Hey Dan,

    For a somewhat opposing viewpoint, read Wendell Berry’s piece “Sec, Economy, Freedom & Community”, sometime. Substitute the word ‘disturb’ for ‘offend’.

    ”I know that for a century or so many artists and writers have felt it was their duty – a mark of their honesty and courage – to offend their audience. But if the artist has a duty to offend, does not the audience therefore have a duty to be offended? If the public has a duty to protect speech that is offensive to the community, does not the community have the duty to respond, to be offended, and so defend itself against the offense? A community, as a part of a public, has no right to silence publicly protected speech, but it certainly has a right not to listen and to refuse its patronage to speech that it finds offensive. It is remarkable, however, that many writers and artists appear to be unable to accept this obvious and necessary limitation on their public freedom; they seem to think that freedom entitles them not only to be offensive but also to be approved and subsidized by the people whom they have offended.


    Does my objection to the intention to offend and the idea of improvement by offense mean that I believe it is invariably wrong to offend or that I think community and public life do not need improving? Obviously not. I do not mean at all to slight the issues of honesty and of artistic integrity that are involved. But I would distinguish between the intention to offend and the willingness to risk offending. Honesty and artistic integrity do not require anyone to intend to give offense, though they certainly may cause offense. The intention to offend, it seems to me, identifies the would-be offender as a public person. I cannot imagine anyone who is a member of a community who would purposely or gladly or proudly offend it, though I know very well that honesty might require one to do so.”

    ~p. 156-157, from the essay “Sex, Economy, Freedom & Community”



    • Carl,

      The way I understand “disturb the time space continuum” is different from you. I don’t think in terms of disturbing or offending people. But I do want to take them out of where they are. I would say that Eckhart Tolle disturbs the time space continuum of people and that’s a good thing. I would like to disturb them in the same way.

  3. this is a wonderful image dan.

  4. My time/space continuum is always disturbed, Dan. On the other hand, there is nothing disturbing about your photograph. I love it.

  5. Successfully moved 🙂 Being disturbed is not necessarily a bad thing either!

  6. Beautiful shot.

  7. Thank you.

    – Dan.

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