I’m a Eco-Fashion Photographer

Someone who thought himself very clever coined the term Eco-Pornography to describe the work of people like me. He claimed that we’re idealizing nature like pornographers idealize women, so we’re Eco-Pornographers. I hope he’s very satisfied with himself. I don’t know what he’s looking at and I make no claims to be an expert in the field of pornographic photography, but what I’ve seen is hardly idealized. But hey, it sounds good and he’s gotten a lot of press.

For a short period in my mid 20s I worked hard at being a fashion photographer. And yes I certainly tried to idealize women in my photographs. I didn’t try to date fashion models and I certainly knew that most women, even fashion models, don’t look like fashion models look like in photographs. I just found fashion photography more creative than other types of commercial photography and I wanted to make beautiful images.

Instead of photographing beautiful women, I now photograph beautiful nature. Nature, when you’re in it, is a 360-degree experience of life, death, beauty, ugliness, joy, heartbreak and more. However, just making a documentary snapshot of a tree or mountain contains none of that experience. That’s where the idealization comes in. I’m taking a subjective experience that one can only get by being there and trying to give it to you, the viewer, with a two-dimensional finite-sized image.

So, I take my tree or rock or mountain or body of water and look for the most flattering lighting and the best angle to show off their bone structure, oops, I mean their features, and then work the contrast and saturation, darken this, lighten that, till they look almost as beautiful in a photograph as they look to my eye.

Call me an Eco-Fashion Photographer.

~ by danbaumbach on March 21, 2009.

One Response to “I’m a Eco-Fashion Photographer”

  1. I’m alarmed, Dan; you didn’t try to date the fashion models? 🙂

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