I Love Photography

Most nature photographers I know came to photography through wanting to capture the beauty of what they saw in nature. I came to nature photography that way, but I came to love photography and taking photos when I was a teenager in New York City. In New York, I was surrounded by buildings and people, so naturally that’s what I photographed. I was lucky to meet a mentor when I was about 15 who introduced me to the work of many of the great reportage photographers. Here is a list of a few with links to their work.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Robert Frank


Andre Kertesz

Walker Evans

I used to wander the streets of New York first with a Pentax, then a Canon and finally a Leica in my hand. I’d see something that grabbed me, guess the exposure, raise the camera to my eye, focus, shoot and quickly move on before I was noticed. I can’t imagine doing that today but in my late teens and early 20s, I found it exhilarating.

This is the type of photography that I loved. I didn’t understand color and felt no pull to look at landscape photographs. It was working in commercial photography that taught me to understand how to expose color film, and then I began to appreciate color photography.

I sometimes wonder if I would like to do street photography again. A small auto-focus digital SLR or even something like a Canon G10 would be a lot easier than what I was using. I couldn’t imagine shooing color in the cities of the US because they are pretty colorless. However South America or the Far East would be interesting. I love the work that Steve McCurry has done in the Far East.

No matter where I end up, I imagine I’ll be taking pictures of something.

~ by danbaumbach on May 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “I Love Photography”

  1. I’ve always loved street photography. I’m no good at it, but I love the vibrancy that good street photography has. I always think about it, but I’m too shy to pull up a camera to my eye to take a random “snapshot” of life.

  2. This is a fantastic image Dan. Street photography was for me my first real passion regarding photography and reading this post brings back lots of memories. Tristan

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