From Adversity

It’s been over a month since I posted anything here and that was just an exhibit announcement. I’ve been obsessed with looking for work and trying to make money so photography has taken a back seat a lot of the time. The threat of loosing what little we’ve saved and having to sell our house is a very real possibility, and it has shaken us out of our complacency. As much as I try to seek comfort and security, it’s really these shakings that I’m looking for because they demand I stay awake.

I’ve had to look for new opportunities to make a living and I’ve started iPhone programming. I already have my first app out. You can see it here. If you don’t have iTunes installed, it might not load properly. And, I’m almost finished with another one that will be using my photographs. Hopefully it will be available by mid August.

To say that I haven’t wallowed in self pity would be a lie. Some of you have probably already seen a post I had here which is now deleted. However, it’s been my experience that this life is about acceptance and openness and once we truly accept our circumstances, we see the brilliance of the intelligence behind this whole existence.

Who knows how all this will turn out. In the scope of things we really have been very fortunate.

I still hike regularly in my local hills and I have been taking photos. I’ve been focused mainly on close-ups and abstracts. I’m afraid that most of them are too obscure, but I’d appreciate your feedback on them. You can see them here.

~ by danbaumbach on July 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “From Adversity”

  1. Dan, I wish you well in searching for work and commend you for trying to do iPhone apps while you search. Good luck! As for your images, they are not obscure! They are beautiful. While they’re not NPN-porn, they are intimate, touching, and glorifying of the little things that you get to see. I could see making a small “folio” as Brooks Jensen puts it.

  2. Dan, I admire your spirit and attitude! Your new images are far from obscure to me. In fact, I would consider them among your best intimate work.

    I hope something comes up soon! Have you thought about leading weekend photo walks in Marin? I’m sure there are those out there who would love to see the area as you do.


  3. My first reaction was the same as Laurent’s and Guys – none of them are obscure in the least…not typical NPN material, but not obscure in the least. They strike me as honest and heartfelt images that speak of a quiet intimacy you have with these places. Best wishes to you in your job search Dan.

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