I spent the last two days in the Eastern Sierra helping Michael Gordon teach his Introduction to Large Format Photography workshop. I think I can safely say that a great and productive time was had by all. Michael limits his workshop to only 4 participants so each person can get individual field attention, and get their questions answered. Most of the people attending already had large format cameras and lenses but had been frustrated with learning the details of using them properly. Terms like Scheimpflug and using tilts and shifts were intimidating to them as it was to me when I first started to learn how to take photos with my 4×5 camera.

It was a great joy to see the participants begin to understand how to properly use their cameras and get comfortable with them. Michael and I went out into the field and gave each participant whatever instruction and help they needed to capture the images they wanted. It was particularly gratifying when I turned around and saw one of the participants breaking down his camera after taking a photo without asking for Michael’s or my help. I’m looking forward to seeing the images and receiving emails from them.

Michael Gordon and Guy Tal have been giving workshops for a number of years. I asked Michael if I could be his assistant on this workshop to see if this was something I could and wanted to do. It was very gratifying to see that my contributions were helpful to people.

I’ve decided to start giving workshops of my own, both to small groups and individuals. My areas of expertise are large format, exposure, ND grads, composition and finding your own vision. If you’re interested in knowing more about them or desire personal instruction, please send me an email at workshops at

~ by danbaumbach on August 3, 2009.

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