iAM, my new iPhone App

I’ve just released an iPhone app that utilizes my photographs. When iAM loads, it will pair one of my images with a profound and uplifting quote. I’m using quotes from contemporary spiritual teachers as well as Lao Tzu, Einstein, Emerson and others. It’s designed to be used as a daily contemplation. You get a beautiful, quieting photograph and something profound to contemplate. I plan to continuously upgrade it with new images and more quotes. I’m looking forward to your suggestions and criticisms.

~ by danbaumbach on September 10, 2009.

6 Responses to “iAM, my new iPhone App”

  1. Good luck with it, Dan. It looks really great. If I only had an iPhone….

  2. Dan, if you don’t mind sharing, what tool(s) did you use to create this app?


    – Jack

  3. I just purchased your app and really appreciate the beautiful pictures. the link to Gangaji does not seem to have any information however.

    • Thanks, Jeni. Safari on the iPhone doesn’t play flash, that’s why the Gangaji Foundation web page looks like it does. The menu is still there and you can navigate with it.

      If you really like the app, I’d appreciate you posting a review or just a positive rating.


      – Dan.

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