The first time I remember appreciating trees, more than just noticing that they were there, was when I discovered the giant Redwoods in northern California. I was in my early 20s and I remember standing among these tees along a highway called the Avenue of the Giants. They really had a presence. They were so tall and quiet and seemingly wise.

Years later I tried to photograph the giant Redwoods in Muir Woods. I was using a little 35mm camera with lots of fancy technology. When I started using a 4×5 camera I felt more comfortable. By working at the slower pace that 4×5 demanded I was more conscious of my surrounding and I felt I was giving the trees their proper respect.

I think I really began to appreciate trees living in Fairfax, CA. We don’t have mountains, rivers, the ocean or lots of wildflowers. But we are surrounded with rolling hills and these wonderful, expressive Oaks, Madrones, Bays and more.

I am so fortunate to live among these thees. They have brought me much happiness and peace.

I discovered the tree below on a sunny morning when I was checking out a new trail. I made a mental note to come back when we had some fog. A couple of weeks later I lucked out and made my way up the trail. However this beautiful Madrone was flirting with me from behind the fog.

I braved the poison oak to take her portrait first. Then I turned around got close to my friend, put on a wide-angle lens and took his portrait.

~ by danbaumbach on September 24, 2009.

5 Responses to “Trees”

  1. Dan,

    I’ve been following your work for some time now. You have an exceptional ability to capture light and convey a sense of solitude and quietness in your landscape photographs. Your second image of the lone tree is really beautiful. Well done!

    – Christos (from Athens, Greece)

  2. Hey Dan,

    I love that you used gender to express your view of these trees. Very appropo and something I’ve often thought about in regard to Cottonwoods (male) and Sycamores (female) in how I see the strength, grace, and general expression of growth.

    • Thanks, Laurent. I never really thought about it. It just came out that way when I wrote it. But I would agree with you. I see some trees as having feminine qualities and some masculine.

      – Dan

  3. I like your photographs…Thank you for sharing.

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