Frosty Morning

I love the Winters where I live. The weather in the Bay Area in Winter is like Spring in most other places. Lots of rain, new leaves and occasional frosts. By the time I got out this morning it was in the high 30s, but there was still frost on a lot of things, like this burnt log.

~ by danbaumbach on November 17, 2009.

8 Responses to “Frosty Morning”

  1. I really like that Dan… very architecturual somehow

  2. Hard to tell it’s frost, Dan. Almost looks like ash. I’d love to be able to do YOUR morning walk with you! You have great surroundings.

  3. Beautiful details Dan. Quite stunning yet subtle.

  4. Very nice, crisp textures, Dan.
    I really like the complexity in this simple composition.
    So many things to observe and a wonderful, cool mood.

    Seung Kye

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