Fog and Rain

A light rain and heavy fog this morning. This would be the type of morning I would grab my 4×5 and wander through the forest. However, I’m trying to conserve my money and I wanted to try some digital blends so I put my D300 with a 24-85 zoom in a fanny pack to keep it dry and headed out. I started off doing group photos of the mule deer in the soft fog and then I tried doing trees. I played around a lot more than I normally would have with my large format gear. However, when I got back home, the few images that really stood out were the ones I would have shot with my 4×5 had I had it with me. In fact, even though I bracketed exposures, I was able to work with a 1 stop underexposed single image and get what I needed. I think the wider latitude of the CMOS sensor helped me here.

~ by danbaumbach on December 16, 2009.

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