I’m living in an incredibly beautiful area. Daily I drive by or walk through vistas that take my breath away. Where are the amazing photos that I’m producing? It isn’t the one above. That was taken in my local California watershed just a few weeks before I left.

Hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to make photographs of Colorado that are as good as this one. I expect that I will be, but it will take time. I need to become familiar with an area before I can really understand how to photograph it. It took years of wasted film before I took any memorable photographs of Marin. Hopefully it won’t take so long here and I’m only taking out my 4×5 when I’m really sure of something, so there won’t be so much film waste too.

Some people photographs landscapes for the wows. I’m certainly not adverse to that, and there are times the wow factor is strong enough to compel me to take those photos too. However, my real love is getting to know a landscape so well that I can photograph it out of love and if I’m successful, communicate some of that love to you.

There are a number of areas in Boulder where I like to take my morning hikes. One area in particular, Red Rocks, reminds me of Utah. Many times I’ve walked around these tall sandstone fins jutting vertically out of the ground trying to figure out how to photograph them. I still haven’t done them justice. Just like people and animals, you can’t rush getting to know an environment.

~ by danbaumbach on April 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “Familiarity”

  1. I appreciate the way you are taking your time to absorb your new environment. Sometimes I get so impatient, and then discouraged, when I shoot. What a great reminder to take a breath and get to know your subject slowly and gently. I am so looking forward to seeing your new home through your eyes.

  2. wow I love this photo, it’s incredible

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