Surrender is not a popular word in our culture. We tend to equate surrender with defeat, but it’s really the opposite. Surrender is seeing reality for what it is, with no illusions. Surrender occurs when we see that our present course of action will not get us what we want. When we see what’s in front of us with both eyes open, then we can really choose to act or not to act.

Surrender is why 12 Step programs are effective in stopping addictions. Most addicts are in some kind of denial about their situations. You’ll hear statements like, “I can quit anytime I want”, and “I just drink like an Irishman.” Addicts must surrender to the fact that they are addicts and in need of help before they can begin to change their lives.

It’s only through surrender that we can get over the loss of a loved one or animal. By surrendering to the grief, we can heal and begin to move on. In contrast, defeat would result in one’s becoming bitter and feeling sorry for themselves.

Surrender is not something that we can do, and it’s not an instant fix, but it’s the start of our seeing where we are and what’s possible. As artists we are always surrendering to the limits of our vision, our equipment, the light and what’s in front of us. When we are surrendered, then we can really become creative.

I’ve been thinking of surrender this morning because of my previous blog post on familiarity. As much as I wanted to quickly produce great images of Boulder, I realized that it was going to take time and I should just relax and enjoy the process. I’m living in a beautiful place, so for now I’ll just enjoy it.

Now with surrendering to my situation, it appears that I have a bunch of new images that I’m really pleased with.

Here’s a link to see them.

~ by danbaumbach on May 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Surrender”

  1. Thank you Dhruva! I have tears in my eyes!

  2. Superbly said Dan

  3. Thank you Dhruva! I have tears in my eyes!

  4. I love how you distinguished the difference between surrender and defeat – beautiful.

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