It’s Much Easier to Maintain a Blog When You’re Unemployed.

I go for hikes every morning and that’s when I usually get inspired to blog. However, now that I’m working, I go to work right after my hikes so the blog never gets written.

After being unemployed for a year, being back at work is great, and my wife and I love living in Boulder. The Rocky Mountains are just amazing, and I’ve hardly seen much of them yet. There are many great hikes around Boulder, but most of them entail some serious change in altitude, so leisurely carrying camera equipment is not something I want to do.

It took me years of living in Marin before I understood how to photograph it. Part of the understanding was technical but most of it was learning how to make photographs out of what I was seeing. Once I had a feeling of how to capture the beauty of my old home, then solving the technical problems was academic.

I suppose that I’ll come to a comfort with my new home as I did with my old one, but it’s not there now, and though I do get impatient, I know that there’s no more to do but keep looking and occasionally take photographs.

I’m shooting a lot more digital now than 4×5. Some of it is cost and some of it is the impracticality of taking a 4×5 on a 1 mile hike with over 1000’ change in altitude. Since artistic problems cannot usually be solved by thinking about them, I think about solving equipment problems. It’s good that I don’t have a whole lot of disposable income at the moment because if I had any money, all of it would have been spent on a Nikon D700, a Sony A900 and new lenses, a lighter 4×5 field camera and 450mm lens. Plus there’s the new large format printer that I’d like to have.

I hope to keep up this blog but I probably won’t be able to post nearly as often as I had in the past. However, I love living in Boulder and I love wandering around these foothills whether with a camera or not.

~ by danbaumbach on July 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “It’s Much Easier to Maintain a Blog When You’re Unemployed.”

  1. I’m happy to hear you both love living in your new home. How lucky you are to hike daily before work 🙂 If this scene in your image is near where you live, I truly am jealous.

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