Thank You Boulder

I’ve just finished my first Boulder Open Studios and I am totally blown away. Apparently Open Studios is a big deal here. People go to the Boulder Library to view work of the participating artists and then travel all over the city enjoying and purchasing local art. So many people came to see my work and the support I felt was overwhelming. I sold a number of pieces and made a lot of contacts. I feel totally supported by this community.

Like many artists, I am no stranger to self-recrimination and there are many days I wish I wasn’t so addicted to taking and printing photographs. The overwhelming support and praise from visitors was a wonderful confirmation of my efforts.

It’s easy to get puffed up and feel special and superior when so much praise is lavished on one, and it certainly feels a lot better than self-hatred. However I’ve been fortunate to see that I have a choice here. I can wrap myself in the praise and become arrogant or I can see it for what it really is, love, take it in and love back.

Thank you Boulder.

~ by danbaumbach on October 13, 2010.

6 Responses to “Thank You Boulder”

  1. I am so happy that you not only had a fun and successful Open Studios show, but that you have found yourself in a welcoming community that shows some love. It sounds like it was really special! Will there be another one soon?

    • The official Boulder Open Studios happens just once a year in the fall, but I may do an Sunday afternoon open studio before Christmas and one in the spring.

      We’ll see.

      I used to live so close to you and we’ve never met. I’ll try to contact you next time I’m in the Bay Area.

  2. Dan, you are certainly worthy of praise, and I am very very glad that you have found a good home in Boulder. It is a great place to live, and I need to make the move there, as well!!

  3. Dan – Glad to hear that your new residence is working out for you. The support is much deserved. Interesting to hear you mention “self recrimination”. I find myself in the same proverbial boat oftentimes…not fun. Keep on keeping on.

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