My 10 Best for 2010

2010 was a year of a lot of transition. We moved from Fairfax, CA to Boulder, CO. From sea level to 1 mile high. From the Pacific Coast to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I left a winter where the average temperature was 50 degrees and went to a winter where right now it’s 20 degrees and snowing.

On top of that, I gave up trying to make images with my 4×5 camera and used a digital SLR instead. I did shoot some 4x5s in Colorado, but the digital images are better by far.

My subject matter seems to have changed too. There are fewer tree portraits and more sunrises and other subjects. This probably has more to do with the location I find myself in and the available subject matter than any conscious desire to change. I just take portraits of things that move me.

Enough words, here goes:

This is the first Colorado image that I did that I really like.

I went to Red Rock Lake with my 4×5 to take a particular image. After that was gotten, I played around with my digital and got this.

This is from Eldorado Canyon. One of my favorite places.

Wildflowers in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. CO has amazing wildflowers.

This beautiful Cottonwood in Settler’s Park

Fall on South Mesa.

I discovered these great colors and patterns in the South Mesa parking lot.

Some snow, some burnt trees and a little sun.

I rediscovered skies and sunrises in Colorado. I’m still working to make some interesting images with them.

An amazing sky.

So, on December 29, these are the photographs that I think are my 10 best for the year. You can see all my recent images from Colorado here.

~ by danbaumbach on December 30, 2010.

20 Responses to “My 10 Best for 2010”

  1. Hello Dan.

    Fantastic photographs from Colorado made by an outstanding photographer. You seem to have handled change pretty well and
    and I look forward to continue to follow your work in 2011.

    Wish you and your family A Happy New Year!

    Peace and happiness in every breath
    in every single heartbeat

    Seung Kye

    • Thanks, Seung. It’s funny how circumstances work out. I’ve always loved Boulder, but I probably would have lived the rest of my life in CA if I didn’t have to find a job and unemployment in CA is over 12%.

      Happy New Year to you too and may we all know the peace in our heart and everyone’s hearts.

      – Dan.

  2. Interesting to see what you felt were the best of the year. I especially enjoyed going through the full collection however – well worth the time. There were a few in there that I personally liked as much or more than some of the selections here, understandable but interesting. Very nice work, it seems that you’re off to a good start. The noted change in subject matter seems appropriate. Happy new year, I look forward to seeing what you photograph next.

  3. A fine set of favorites Dan. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Dan, what an absolutely beautiful collection of images! I love each one, but the mtn view with the field of wildflowers really speaks to me. Happy New year!

  5. It’s been a joy to follow your work this year and watch your transition from your California trees to your Rocky Mountains. I love all your favs here, with my fav being the 2nd image of the beautiful reflections. I’m blown away by the cloud cover in the last image too…almost like a thick pink blanket covering the land.

  6. Dan,

    I was glad to rediscover your work through Jim’s top 10 photos of the year post! I really enjoy your work and am not sure where I stopped following!

    I like the first image of Colorado the best! It is very powerful in the colors and composition!

  7. Incredible selection. You may have changed subject matter and scenery since moving from CA, but your heart is definitely on target.

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