The birth of a new day. I don’t think that there is a more inspiring time. I used to photograph a lot of sunrises. I’d get up early and drive to Muir Beach or Point Reyes in quest of a really inspiring photograph. And then I just was finished with it.

In Colorado, I’ve been making a habit of getting out at 6:30 in the morning and going for an hour hike before going to work. Now that it’s winter and the days are short, my hikes begin before sunrise an I get to witness the unworldly pre-dawn light where the western sky is quite dark but the eastern slopes face the rising sun and have a subtle red glow to them. It there’s good clouds then then the east can have some amazing colors and cloud formations.

Who cannot partake of such a feast…

A beautiful morning to visit the Flatirons

Dowdy Draw trail, looking southeast

When sun breaks over the horizon, it’s very red and as it breaks through the canyons, it adds these red highlights to the trees while the parts in shadow are still quite blue.

What a wonderful time to be out.

~ by danbaumbach on January 15, 2011.

14 Responses to “Sunrise”

  1. Wonderful images. I particularly like the third one – the contrasting colours and the long soft shadows are a great reminder of what visual treats nature can provide us when most people are either still in bed or getting ready for work. It must be fantastic having a landscape like this right on your doorstep.

  2. That top image is lovely. The B/W of the foreground contrasting with the colour of the sky. Oh to live near the mountains!

  3. Dan, these images are absolutely breathtaking. So inspiring, I wish I was there to see these scenes.

  4. Beautiful work, Dan. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It is refreshing to see such quality imagery coming from Colorado. I find Boulder surprisingly slim on high quality photographic art. Of course there’s Chris Brown, John Ward and a few others, but I am pleased to discover your blog and fine work. I know Carr Clifton has said he won’t photograph in Colorado any more because in Colorado photography has become synonymous with schlocky over-commercialized pretty pictures and he doesn’t want his work associated with it. I tend to agree with him to a point, but find it an extreme position. I feel there is always hope for good imagery to creep back in. Chris Brown once asked my father pioneer landscape photographer Philip Hyde why he didn’t photograph more in Colorado and Dad replied that he usually ran out of film in Utah before he reached Colorado. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you David. I’ve been loving Colorado so you’ve been seeing it through my eyes. There are so many wonderful places here that aren’t standard icons and you never bump into another photographer. Come visit.

      – Dan.

  6. Dan, you’ve described exactly how I feel. That’s what is so refreshing about getting up at an ungodly hour to shoot. You don’t know what you’re about to experience! It would be so boring if nature was predictable!

    Wonderful post, and inspiring photos. I’m stickin’ around…


  7. These are all beautiful images but that first one is stunning! It is one of the best images of the Flatirons I have seen.

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