Some Days I Get Lucky

Why is it that on some days I’m able to do some better than average photos and on others, I can’t. Great locations, great weather, amazing sunrises help but I’ve managed to produce boring images under all those conditions. Eldorado Canyon is one of my favorite places to visit but I’ve only produced a couple of images from the place that move me. Parts of Eldorado Canyon look like southern Utah. Other parts look like the Sierras, and other parts look like no where else I’ve been. I’m never bored wandering around there. I generally take my 24-120mm zoom with me, but this day I added my old 80-200 to get some closer shots of the amazing rock walls of this place. And for some reason this morning the photography gods smiled on me.

I love the ways these trees grow right out of the rock walls.

The color of the walls is just amazing.

There are wonderful views of the canyon from the Fowler trail

Even though it was very early, I felt that there was someone there watching me.

I felt the answer to my question was written on this wall. If I could only decipher it.

~ by danbaumbach on March 21, 2011.

2 Responses to “Some Days I Get Lucky”

  1. These are beautiful and I love your captions that accompany each image. How fascinating these rock walls are with their splashes of red, black, yellow, and green… It must be wonderful to walk here in the morning.

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