It’s been nearly a month since I posted my ruminations about shooting more with my 4×5 camera. Thank you very much for your comments. I’ve shot a fair amount of film in the last month and have 17 more sheets to send to the lab tomorrow, but I can’t say I’ve gotten any images that have said to me “4×5 is the way to go”. Perhaps it’s just as well, because I find that there are times I want to shoot 4×5 and times I want to shoot digital and I like having that freedom. There are certain images I definitely want on 4×5 if possible, and there are certain images where I feel that digital is more appropriate.

I’m glad to have my 4×5 as part of my equipment repertoire again as I love the quality of images it is capable of producing. Thank you again for your feedback. The two images here were shot in the last month with 4×5.


~ by danbaumbach on June 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “4×5”

  1. I think these are lovely, and I for one am happy you are using both. To me cameras are tools, and having different tools broadens the amount of projects you can undertake. I think it’s really wonderful you have the freedom to use film or digital. I look forward to seeing what else you captured with the fim 🙂

  2. In my experience working with my father’s 4X5, 5X7 and 8X10 originals, if they are properly drum scanned by a lab that knows what it is doing and owns the right software, and processed in Photoshop to look as close to Dad’s vintage BW, dye transfer and Cibachrome prints as possible, the digital prints are sharper, richer in detail, more color-accurate, and have much more control. Also, the drum scans alone while unfortunately being much larger files, are far superior in depth, richness, detail, and many other subtle qualities than any digital capture available today. Your images in this post and those in the post below are magnificent. The colors and detail are superb. I won’t chalk the quality of the compositions up to large format because I am not familiar enough with your other work to compare. Your posts lead me to ask what kind of scanner you are using? In my experience that makes a bigger difference than other technical considerations.

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