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My wife, Emily, has produced a beautiful YouTube video with my photographs and Timothy Dixon’s music. This was totally her own doing with no input from me. She was so passionate about it and worked so hard on it, I didn’t want my opinions to affect her creativity.

This is her first go at anything like this. We appreciate your feedback, critiques and suggestions for improvement.

Thanks Emily.

Timeless Light YouTube Video


~ by danbaumbach on September 18, 2011.

10 Responses to “YouTube Video”

  1. Dan – Just beautiful! I know Emily will read this, but please let her know she did a fantastic job! Very relaxing and what a great way to showcase your imagery. The image choices and transitions were seamless and well done. You both should be proud!
    12+min is a long time, but then again perfect if it’s the right time and mood of the viewer. I enjoyed this very, very much.


  2. I love this Dan. Great choice in music to go with your images. Were the ambient sounds part of the music or were those put in separate?

  3. Very fine, professional job on the video and wonderful imagery. I realize you were making a certain type of creation, but I might suggest you break it into two parts for the short attention span people.

  4. Very cool indeed and nicely done. Dan and Emily, you both have much to be proud of. I very much enjoyed the photographs and video.

  5. I think that the video is really beautifully arranged. Great selection on the music and transitions. And your photos are so beautiful, I feel inspired. I’ve been feeling rather unmotivated as of late… I’m happy I watched the video!

    • Thank you Amber. I’m happy that I have inspired you. We all inspire each other.

      Thank you for your comment on YouTube. My wife read that one and she was thrilled.

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