Local Color

Fall in the west means that photographers run to the mountains to photograph the changing Aspens and Cottonwoods. I’m no different. But, on mornings when I have to work, and I don’t have time to go to the mountains, I have the opportunity to discover the color and beauty of Boulder.

The Aspens in the mountains have been beautiful this year but I seem to be having better luck in my back yard.

~ by danbaumbach on October 8, 2011.

8 Responses to “Local Color”

  1. I love the top one… Finding beauty in the day to day, the beauty that is unobserved, and sharing that beauty is one of the gifts of photography. Very nice…

  2. I agree with Tim above as far as your “found” scenes and subtlety as a gift of photography besides being a product of your own interesting style. I like the top one lot, but I believe I like the second from the bottom the best with the variation of color, spots of sunlight and the yellow aspens that stand out. The only aspect I don’t like about it is having the tree on the far right half in, half out. I might have brought it in, but maybe there were other obstacles I don’t know about in my armchair critique.

    • Thank you David. The tree doesn’t bother me though I can see how it might bother some. If I pulled back anymore I would have had blown out sky on the top. Maybe I’ll crop both ends a bit.

  3. Dan,

    Dare I say, very reminiscent of your Marin days… The last three remind me very much of your photography from those days – just exchange the oaks for aspen and pine…. 😉 The color, detail and texture in all of them are beautiful. The last one is my favorite. Would like to see that in a print one day.


    • Thank you very much, Lon. Coming from you, the comments mean a lot to me. Rather than formats and film, I think this has a lot to do with becoming familiar with my surroundings and learning how to photograph them to my liking. Now I need to spend more time in the high country and do the same.

  4. I feel welcome, into these photographs.
    A fantastic series, Dan; each and every photograph standing well
    on their own yet forms a movement and a larger “picture” together.

    All of them plays a role and if I were to try to pick a favorite or two,
    it would be the first and the second photograph.
    The first one for its diverse and exciting details and the second one for its
    composition and dynamic color contrasts.

    Thank you for sharing, Dan!
    Wish you peace and happiness.

    Seung Kye

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