Best of 2011

Some artists are content to work by themselves and have no one appreciate or critique their creations. For better or worse, I’m not one of them. If I lived on a desert island with no hope of every sharing my work with others, I would still want to create art. But I’m not on a desert island and there’s the internet, and I want my work to be seen, so like it or not, one way is through best of lists.

Maybe not the best one to start with, but one that I like a lot at the moment. This was taken in a heavy snow storm. I loved the contrast the color of the Willow added to the image.

Walking down a road in the Sierras, these aspen limbs caught my attention.

The first thing I do every morning when I get up is look at the sky. I’m still working on new ways and locations to capture these amazing sunrises.

It’s been many years since I lived in an area with a real winter. It was still fall, but the morning was frosty and I was taken with the light frost on the newly dead leaves and grass.

Probably my most unique photo of the year. I was told that I should be looking to take more like these, and I would like to. We’ll see. I can’t plan it. I need to see something and be inspired.

We have maybe two foggy days a year here. I was very lucky to choose this location this morning and have a hint of the flatirons at the top. That light horizontal line behind the trees is actually the morning sun shining on a meadow.

Even after the sun is up the skies keep giving.

When I posted this online, most viewers wanted to see it warmer. I tried a warmer version and to my eye, the colder version has more drama. This is near Long Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. I love this place.

I’ve photographed this tree in all seasons and light. This one is the best.

Another attempt to capture the amazing winter mornings.

Thanks for looking. I’m much more interested in looking forward than back so I want to leave you with something from this week, the first week of 2012.

~ by danbaumbach on January 7, 2012.

27 Responses to “Best of 2011”

  1. Beautiful series Dan. I think my favorite is the snow and thistle? image. Very artsy – if I can say that…. 😉 The Colorado skies are wonderful and I can see why you love that old tree.

  2. Nice work, Dan. Some exceptionally well captured moments of subtle beauty. I love that this entire collection is almost all images shot with soft light. Really well done.

  3. Boulder is a beautiful city, but I have never seen anyone capture its beauty like you have in a way that brings out the uniqueness of the place. While attending to other matters, I have often looked up at the skies around town and wished I had a camera with me. You have put those unusual skies into pixels so well. I also admire your studies of the trees. The thistles or whatever they are in the snow is probably my favorite, followed by the first tree and the crazy red sky.

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  5. Wonderful photography, Dan!
    I especially enjoyed nr. 1 and nr. 9 yet all of your favorites have a
    unique expression and each one stand firmly on its own feet.
    A very creative and beautiful selection.

    Looking forward to see more of your work, Dan.

    Wish you good health, peace and happiness
    Seung Kye

  6. Really gorgeous work, Dan! I really like your great use of the large, wide sky.

  7. Beautiful year of photography Dan. I particularly like your snow scenes. Both trees and the teasels are really nice.

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  9. Hi Dan,

    An outstanding collection. Each and every one is a real gem!

    When you had left the Bay Area, I was sad that we wouldn’t get to see more of your beautiful pictures of Marin, made during your morning walks. I see that you haven’t given up your old habit and its so nice to witness your take on your new home town.


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  14. Lovely work here Dan. I too found the teasels lovely. And those clouds…

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  18. I just caught up with your blog again and enjoyed looking through your recent posts. Beautiful images. You’ve had another productive year and seem to have gained a good sense of this new location and the possibilities that it holds. As always, I find your personal approach to be refreshing. I look forward to watching your body of Colorado work continue to evolve and develop.

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