Ice Video

For a while I’ve been obsessed with photographing ice. I’ve photographed frozen creeks, lakes and mud puddles. The different patterns that form in the frozen water is amazing. Some are wild and totally abstract. Some look very art-deco. Sometimes I’ll look through the top layer of ice to photograph leaves, twigs and flowers. The colors are very muted and the images look like a memory or a dream.

It’s starting to get warm here, so I’ll have to put my habit on hold till next winter.

My wife has made a video of a selection of my ice photos and posted it on YouTube.
You can see it here.

Please check out the ice portfolio on my web page.

~ by danbaumbach on March 13, 2012.

7 Responses to “Ice Video”

  1. As I mentioned, the video brings the work all together and makes a unified project out of it, which is appealing. Your wife did a good job with the video too.

  2. Really fascinating, man. I say do a whole show on ice! Between the photographs and the vid your wife did.. You guys would have quite the exhibit. Keep it up, bud!

  3. This is wonderful, love the detail in the crystals, thank you for sharing!

  4. That is a really cool type of photography to get into. Ice formations are really cool looking, I bet some super close up work of ice formations would reveal some amazing photographs.

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