It’s 5:30 Saturday morning. I don’t have to go to work today, so I can have an extended hike and photo session. I’m in a pissy mood and the weather is totally boring: too warm and too dry. Where can I go today to be inspired? Very little locally has been inspiring me lately. I know, I’ll go up to the high country. Five thousand feet isn’t enough for me. I need 10,000.

On the drive up to Red Rock Lake, the right wheel of my car starts making a whooshing sound. Halfway to my destination it starts getting louder. I better turn back. I don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere. It gets louder and more rattley on the drive down and I’m glad I get back home safely. However, I’m still in a pissy mood and it’s getting light outside. I’ll walk to Wonderland Lake. Should I take my camera? Oh what the heck, take it.

As I start walking, I pray to get quiet, for the internal chatter and criticism to stop, and somehow my prayers are answered. The next thing I know I see this tree and the bark is just captivating. I stop and take a closeup of the bark and move on. Suddenly, even though I’m in a populated, suburban area, there are all these small beautiful scenes that are grabbing my attention.

I pass a stranger with two very sweet labs who want to sniff and lick me. I gladly oblige. The stranger asks me what I’m taking pictures of and I get uptight with the thought of having to explain myself. I say “anything that suits my fancy.” He gets it and talks about the beautiful sunrises we’ve been having here lately. We both love sunrises.

I photograph little vignettes of leaves and branches. Emotions and their evaluations come up, but I choose to accept them as they are instead of trying to figure them out or get rid of them. I’m now having a great time, just being open, and seeing and occasionally photographing.

I eventually get home after a wonderful morning walk. Whether I made any good photos on my walk remains to be seen, but again, I’m reminded that all one has to do is be quiet and open.

~ by danbaumbach on December 1, 2012.

4 Responses to “Open”

  1. Love these personal narratives and the detail images with all that texture and subtle variations in color. Nothing like getting quiet to make you feel better. Doesn’t hurt to get outside either or to get the body moving. Walking in and of itself has been documented to produce uplifting brain chemicals.

  2. Thanks for sharing the story behind the images Dan. Tree bark image is great, btw!

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