My Favorites of 2012

2012 is drawing to a close and it’s “10 Best” time again. I have no clue what my best images are. I can only say what are my favorites right now. I know that what I like and don’t like from 2012 is probably going to be different six months from now, but I don’t want to give up getting posted on Jim Goldstein’s 10 best blog and others, so here goes…

In 2012 I discovered how much I love the Colorado high country. This image is was taken at over 11,000 feet — very close to tree line. There are no cottonwoods or aspens at this elevation, but the low lying bushes turn wonderful colors in the fall.

Here’s another high country image. It’s summer on long lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness.

As it gets into late autumn we start getting cold nights and the creeks begin to freeze. I spent a lot of time photographing frozen leaves and grasses in them.

Frozen leaves in South Boulder Creek.

The morning sunrise reflected in South Boulder Creek.

Morning sun and reflections on ice. This is in Eldorado Canyon.

We’re driving over this beautiful pass on Red Mountain. It’s snowing and every 30 seconds I
see something else I want to photograph. There’s no place to pull over so I just start
shooting from the moving car. I thought my shutter speed was fast enough to stop everything, but the images have some sharp and some blurred areas. I like the effect that it gives.

Frost on fallen cottonwood leaves. I never saw a cottonwood tree till I started going to the eastern sierra. I love them.

Morning sun on the walls of Eldorado Canyon. Eldorado Canyon is my favorite local place. It’s about a 25 minute drive from my home.

An early frost and mist on Mitchell Creek. Another high country image of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. I no longer miss Yosemite since spending time here.

One more image of frozen leaves. I love the shapes and colors of them.

There are actually 11 photos here because I couldn’t narrow it down anymore.

If you want to see larger versions of the images, you can see them here.

Thanks for stopping by.

~ by danbaumbach on December 27, 2012.

22 Responses to “My Favorites of 2012”

  1. Looks like you’ve adapted well to your new Colorado home, Dan, and made it your own. Kudos for showing us a different way of seeing the Rockies.

  2. Dan, Terrific set of images! My favorite is the Red mountain pass image – the one you posted on NPN. That to me is just gorgeous. Second might be your first post here, wonderful alpine landscape. But I’m really loving your intimate ice images too. Great selection!

    My best to you and Emily in 2013!

  3. I really like the one with the reflection in the water. I also was wondering if that is frost around the edge of those leaves? I have never seen that before, not frost on leaves but that it is only on the edges.

  4. Great group here, Dan. I like them all, but I have been training myself to select images that will sell as prints, so I suppose that somewhat influences my choice of favorites out of these. I like Morning Sunrise Reflected in South Boulder Creek and Morning sun on the walls of Eldorado Canyon, though I believe that Early Frost and Mist on Mitchell Creek would sell a bit better than Eldorado Canyon. I also like Frost on Fallen Cottonwood Leaves. It would be interesting to see if that one and Red Mountain Pass would be popular as a fine art prints too.

    • Thank you David. When I pick my favorites, I’m being selfish and just picking the ones I like. What might sell is another story altogether. When I start planning for art shows, that’s what runs through my mind. In Colorado it seems that my Yosemite and Pacific Ocean photos sell best.

  5. A very beautiful collection, Dan.

    Despite the obvious diversity in the images, I am struck by the unifying chord that resonates though them all.

  6. Wonderful portfolio Dan. The Red mountain photograph (the one with the snowy landscape) is just exquisite. All the rest keep the same tone too…really beautiful and consistent collection indeed.

  7. Hi Dan, what a lovely collection! You’ve put together quite the collection of frozen leaves! I especially am drawn to the lighting on the leaf in “Frozen leaves in South Boulder Creek” and the smooth textures in the ice in “Morning sun and reflections on ice.” Well done! Can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013!

  8. Gorgeous work, Dan!! It is tough picking favorites, but I especially like the morning reflection in the creek and the frosted cottonwood leaves. Beautiful images all!

  9. Excellent work, Dan!
    I love your style and wish you, and your loved ones, a 2013 filled with peace, happiness and good health.

    Best Wishes
    Seung Kye

  10. A very lovely collection – I especially enjoy the ice shot.
    visiting from Best Photos of 2012 by JMG-Galleries Blog Readers

  11. Congrats on a wonderful year Dan – this is a beautiful collection. I especially love the winter details. All the best in 2013!

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