I shot 4×5 film almost exclusively for about 8 years. During that time many large format photographers switched from 4×5 film and larger to digital. We found many of their new images disappointing and we chalked it up to too many images and not enough discrimination.

Now I’m shooting exclusively digital and I suffer from same malady. I must have 100 times more images to go through and decide about. I know what I like and don’t like, but most of the time I’m clueless if an image is good or not. My wife’s opinion helps, but ultimately I need to sit with the images for a while and let my desire for them to be good to pass. Hopefully then I can look at them with a more objective eye.

The image at the beginning of this blog I loved immediately. It’s very hard to just shoot sky and have it look like anything. I usually don’t even bother, but sometimes the sky here is so compelling and there’s nothing on the ground that I can put with it, so I give in and try to capture it alone. I hope this one stands the test to time. I hope to do more to go with it.

The image at the bottom has had a more troubled history. I love the colors of the rock in this area and have photographed it a number of times but never got anything I liked. This last time I think I took one shot with “a what the hell” attitude. I have worked on it off and on for that last few weeks and now I think I like it. We’ll see.

~ by danbaumbach on April 15, 2013.

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