I Went to the Rocky Mountains and All I Got Was this Flower Picture.

It was the work of Galen Rowell that got me to want to try landscape photography. His photographs were so beautiful and inspiring. Naturally I tried to imitate Galen in my own photographs and do expansive grand landscapes. To give Galen credit, his work was much more diverse than expansive landscapes, but like it or not, that’s what he’s mostly remembered for.

With the advent of digital photography it seems that everybody’s a Galen Rowell wannabe, and if that’s where everyone is, that where I don’t want to be. More and more I’m looking for smaller views and subtler images.

Most recently I’ve been doing macro photographs. I’ve never had any desire to be a macro photographer, but with the sunrises so early these days and these beautiful spring flowers everywhere, that’s where I’ve been putting my attention.

~ by danbaumbach on June 23, 2013.

2 Responses to “I Went to the Rocky Mountains and All I Got Was this Flower Picture.”

  1. Dan, nice that you landed upon a legit excuse to sleep in 😉 For what it’s worth, I think you’re following the migrant path of the photographer, many of whom evolve their interests over time.

  2. Photograph what you see, no matter what others are doing and saying or what time of day/year it is. Summer sunrises can come WAY too early!! ha ha. Looking forward to catching up on your blog since I just came across your work. EE

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