Learning from One’s Mistakes

The leaves were already turning colors on the cottonwood sapling and I thought that it might make a nice photo. I set up my tripod, focused carefully and set the exposure. It was a little breezy, but I thought my shutter speed would stop things and my old eyes didn’t notice anything blurred in the resulting image on the LCD.

Boy was I surprised when I saw the above image in my raw converter. I loved it, but it wasn’t the result of my brilliance, it was because of my mistake in choosing a shutter speed that was too slow.

As artists and good human beings, we try to learn from our mistakes. One lesson learned was to be more careful with my choice of shutter speed, but the more important lesson was don’t be concerned with sharpness. I thought the above photo was one of the best I’d taken in a long time.

Now I’ve been shooting a lot more macros and being more experimental with shutter speed and lens opening. I’m very excited with what I’ve been getting.

If I had to choose where I’d most like to photograph and my favorite subject matter, both answers would be the Colorado high country. Whenever I go up there, I just want to stay there forever. Maybe it’s my lack of opportunity to go there as often as I’d like or maybe it’s just that I’m finding more and more nature photographs looking more and more the same that these days, that I’m finding I’m being much more creative closer to home with simpler subjects.

With our recent floods, all trails low and high are closed, so I’m contenting myself with grasses by the side of the road.

~ by danbaumbach on September 28, 2013.

6 Responses to “Learning from One’s Mistakes”

  1. Dan, these images of humble grasses are exquisite. I too find that creativity seems to like the simple, the quiet and the homegrown.

  2. That first image is beautiful. You don’t have to go to the highest peak to find a good view:)

  3. Rules are made to be broken, even if by accident. It doesn’t always work out, when breaking “the rules”, but when it does, it is often quite beautiful.

  4. Very nice images, the blender of color is beatiful.

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