All I Need is this Wood.

I get out of bed before sunrise to go out and take photos. My mind is full of feelings and thoughts of the past week, of Donald Trump, of dying bees, of dying species, of suffering refugees…

Lucky my chosen hike is a short drive away, and within 15 minutes I’m climbing up a wooded trail illuminated by the rising sun. The red sky makes the canyon walls very red and the tree trunks reflect some of that glow.

My mind quiets, my being opens and I’m filled with the joy of the trees, the orange sky, orange canyon and just being alive.

There isn’t even a question posed, just the certainty, “I choose this.”

Yes, there is real suffering in the world, real craziness and apparent evil. But there is also this sublime, beautiful and quiet wood. All is right with the world.

We are an arrogant, greedy and power hungry species and our mantra is more, more, more. I don’t know if we will wake up in time to save ourselves, but if I want a reason to live, to rejoice even, all I need is this wood.

~ by danbaumbach on March 7, 2016.

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