Don’t Worry. Take Pictures

If you want to find information about how to be a great photographer and how to take great photos, you will find a lot of it on the Internet. If that’s not your style, you can go to numerous portfolio reviews and get lots of opinions on where you work is good, where it is lacking and where it can be improved.

Or, you can join any number of sharing sites online and have people critique your photos and tell you how they can be better.

Or you can be like me… I don’t look for criticism online or in portfolio reviews. I look for opinions from my wife and maybe some friends, but that’s all.

Someone I met in a critique forum accused me of being a coward for not posting there anymore. I don’t think I’m a coward. I think I’m smart. I would have been smarter if I’d left earlier.

I’ve been taking photographs for a long time. I’m pretty competent technically. I can get what I want out of my equipment and if there’s something I want to learn, I know where to go to learn it.

What can’t be learned, what can’t be absorbed from any source is who one is. And this includes who one is as an artist. Making art is the one of the most intimate and personal things one can do. Only you know when you touch that space. Only you know when you are there. No amount of positive or negative feedback can get you there. You get there by making art over and over again, making corrections, seeing where your inner-directed and outer-directed and making more art.

Yes, it feels good if someone likes what you’ve done and it feels bad if they don’t. And yes, consciously or unconsciously you’ll want to make the kind of work that brings more praise and less criticism, but eventually that will turn dry and you’ll again turn inside and produce your art.

~ by danbaumbach on May 16, 2016.

2 Responses to “Don’t Worry. Take Pictures”

  1. Great post Dan. I agree!

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