To Be an Artist is to Believe in Miracles

I go out with a camera and I believe I will create a work of art. Why? I know it’s not the camera. I know it’s not my great technical skills. Having time for creating is necessary; so is knowing how to use one’s materials, but that’s only the prerequisite. Something else has to enter into it. What is it?

Like most artists, I get absorbed in the creation of my work and in getting absorbed, some parts of personality get out of the way and creativity flows. They use the term “falling” in love because you can’t just decide to be in love, you have to “fall” which like all falling implies a loss of control. In the same way, you can’t decide to be creative. When you do, you end up with a dry spell. What you can do is open to creativity, and just like falling, it implies loss of control. And with that loss of control, the production of a work of art can happen. Who was in control to produce that beautiful piece of art? Not me. Not you. It’s miraculous.

When looking through a session’s images, whether nowadays as raw files in Photoshop or in the old days as transparencies on a light box, sometimes one or two images just hit me and I am floored. Not from every session, but often enough. I am always blown away when that happens. Yes, I was operating the camera. Yes, that will be my signature when I exhibit the piece. However I realize how fortunate I am to have participated in the creation of that image. I’m a believer. Miracles happen.

~ by danbaumbach on May 23, 2016.

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