I’m always looking for ways to promote my photographs so I’m always checking out calls for entry. I apply to very few of them because I’ve learned that very few of them are looking for what I do. My images are not of people. They are not exciting and innovative. They don’t say anything new. They don’t push any boundaries. They aren’t made with any ultra-new or obsolete-old processes.

My photos don’t fit into those categories because I’m consciously not trying to fit into those categories. I’m trying to fit into the oldest category there is – silence.

I work with scenes whether small or grand that I consider beautiful, and I try to distill that beauty into its essence: quiet, peace, joy, love. Even those words are too much. Let’s just call it divine silence.

I have found that images of silence and peace are not very readily appreciated on the internet where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Or, maybe I’m just not that good at it.

I love all kinds of photography, from landscapes to street shots to fashion. But when I’m taking photographs I tend to focus on simple and quiet. I don’t think about trying to take quiet images – I find that it’s just what I’m drawn to and what I enjoy making. If I have a goal it’s to make images that are quieter and more beautiful.

~ by danbaumbach on August 22, 2016.

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