No 10 Best

I won’t be posting a best of 2016 this year. Posting best or favorites of the year has more and more seemed meaningless to me. For one thing, the year is in the middle of winter and I’ll be taking the same photos of ice. or grasses. or trees. or skies. or whatever on December 31st as I’ll be doing on January 1st. So this best of the year ending in December seems totally arbitrary to me.

I’m all for learning from my mistakes and improving. I can look back at my work and cite plenty of times I became obsessed with types of images and wasted way too much time on shooting them. Time can also show me what I want to explore more, too. I just don’t feel proudly showing my 10 best is the best way to do it.

I’m not someone who has a lot to say with my art. I am only interesting in presenting a quietly beautiful image and hope that its quiet beauty makes you quiet and appreciative. I’m always looking to get better at that. Learning from my mistakes, getting excited about ways of presenting my subject matter and becoming more internally quiet myself are my ways of doing that.

I’ve had two opportunities to do major exhibits in 2016. Before making and framing prints, I would go back over my work, pick out images, make small prints and look and look at them, trying to decide which images I should blow up and frame. These opportunities provided me with plenty of assessment of where I was going and how I was doing.

If you are interested in seeing more of what I am doing from day to day, I suggest to like my Dan Baumbach Photography page on Facebook.


~ by danbaumbach on January 2, 2017.

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