After a lot of snow this winter, my favorite places in the Colorado high country are opening up.  Yesterday I got up to Brainard Lake just at sunrise.  It wasn’t too cold, but it was so windy that I immediately thought of turning around and going back.  I got out and started wandering around, but the wind made it very difficult to take photographs. 

I liked what I saw where Brainard Lake emptied into St. Vrain Creek, but there was no path to follow and there was still snow all around.  It was so windy that I just ducked into the forest surrounding the creek because it was calmer, there and as I quickly noticed, so beautiful.

I just came back from the Sierras.  I lived in California for 30 years and we used to go there up to the mountains a lot.  When I’m back there I always wonder why I left.

This morning wandering the forest that question was easily answered.  I Love It Here!  The Rockies are so different from the Sierras.  I’m wandering around this dense forest just marveling at the trees and the colors.  We’re at 10,000 feet here and you can see from the trees that only the strong survive.  Just looking at them you can feel how rough the winters here must be.  There are dead branches and brown needles everywhere but the forest survives beautifully. 

I’ve tried to photograph pine forests before and it’s very hard.  They are beautiful, but it’s hard to make compositions and there are always odd branches pointing everywhere.  However I’m so enthralled among these trees that I decide to try anyway.  I had cataract surgery two months ago, and I’m still finding some of the greens beautifully intense.

It’s hard moving through the trees, and there are banks of snow everywhere.  The snow is hard packed but the top is slippery and if I’m not careful I could just slide down the side.

The sides of the creek are pretty steep and there is no bank so it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get down to it.

It’s still windy and cold but this forest has completely taken me in and I just want to capture how magnificent it is.  I’m very conscious of the pitfalls of no compositions, too many dead branches, and the fact that a bunch of pine trees on a flat photo just doesn’t look like that much, but I’m so into it I don’t care.  I’ll just do my best and see what comes of it.

Through some luck, a way down to the creek opens up and I can just put my camera between some bushes to get a photo.

Finally the cold is getting to me.  The tips of the fingers of my left hand are numb.  I figure it’s time to go home.

I really don’t think I got anything, but I was so taken in by the forest and its beauty that I don’t care.  This is what I consider a good time taking photographs.  If I have some goal that I’m unable to drop, then that goal will be foremost in my mind and inhibit my experiencing what’s in front of me.  If I can’t see what’s in front of me, how can I make photographs.

As it is, I got lucky and got some images that I really liked.

~ by danbaumbach on June 20, 2017.

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  1. Some (many) years ago I was in Antarctic in a station during a storm. Nobody even thought about going out. But the penguins whore never photographed during a storm. Great picture that date.

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