Workshop Announcement

I have been taking photographs my entire adult life. What keeps photography fresh for me is that I’ve learned to approach taking photographs as a process of discovery. Of course I’ll go out with a certain type of image in mind or because I saw something that I’d like to photograph. But when I get out with my camera, and if I’m lucky, all those desires will move to the background; I’ll just be present, taking everything in, and shoot what resonates in that moment.

In my quiet state I’m able to see a lot that would ordinarily pass me by. Things that might seem quite ordinary now grab my attention. I look at them, see if I can make a photograph, and if so, then I determine how I should position my camera and set my exposure. If not, I just wander on. I lose myself in the process of discovery, and capture, and in that process, I have a wonderful time.

Some say what I do is Contemplative Photography. There is a school in Boulder, called Miksang School of Contemplative Photography. I’m very aware of the beautiful work done by its teachers. I gave a very positive review to one of their books, here on this blog.

We are similar in our approach of going out and shooting with a quiet mind. The way they work is that the process of seeing and creating occurs when we’re out with a camera and taking a photo. Post-processing should only consist of actualizing what the seeing experience was. Anything else should be discarded.

For me, absorption and discovery does not have to stop with the taking of the photograph. When I’m later working with my images on my computer I can also drop into a quiet space and let each image guide me to the best way to present it. This simply becomes the continuation of a process to represent the best I can bring to the image.

This approach has worked well for me over the years. If you would like to explore this to see if it works for you, I’ll be offering a workshop this spring in late April or May.

We’ll meet in Boulder over a weekend with sessions starting on Friday night running through Sunday afternoon or evening. We’ll spend time getting to know ourselves a little better and what keeps us from being fully present when we’re working on photographs. We’ll go out shooting in the foothills around Boulder, CO, as well as the high country; west of Boulder, and if there’s interest we’ll have sessions in populated city areas as well. We will then work on our photographs with the same intention, and devote time for discussion and critiques of the works we have created.

Candidly, this is my first workshop, so I’ll be keeping the price low ($100), as your feedback to me about the efficacy of the course and its refinement will be very valuable for me. The approximate number of participants will be 5. Together we’ll see how we can become better, more involved artists. Technical aspects will be covered, too, but only to see what equipment and settings can better reproduce our visions.

If you’re interested in being part of this workshop or want more information, click here and send me an email. Let me know what weekends in April or May work best for you.

~ by danbaumbach on June 29, 2017.

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