I Need Storyshop

A few years ago when I was doing a workshop in the Sierras, I had an encounter with a “teenage” bear. I was on a break and was walking to my room when I rounded a parked car and there he was right in front of me, a teenage bear. He was as shocked and frightened to see me as I was to see him. He had all the energy, excitement and curiosity of a teenage dog or cat. As we looked at each other, I thought that I should be careful and not frighten him too much because even though he was young, he could still hurt me. But, before I could do anything, he got too frightened and ran off.

What a great encounter. I was thrilled. Just like a good RAW photograph, my story was well exposed, had low contrast and saturation, and had good detail in the highlights and shadows.

Later that day a workshop participant, who was much more skilled in story post-processing than I am, described her encounter with the same bear. Though both of our encounters couldn’t have lasted more than a few seconds, her story lasted a lot longer. She had applied a curve to the entire story to give it more contrast. She took the salient points and added more contrast and saturation to them, while taking the unimportant parts of the encounter and darkened them a little so they wouldn’t be distracting. The cars in the parking lot were still too sharp so she did this brilliant thing. She just selected the cars, created a layer with them and applied a blur to that layer. That way the bear was the sharp focal point and the cars were just blurry background.

Finally she added a saturation layer and gave the entire tale some more saturation to make it more compelling and to keep her audience’s attention.

I was blown away. I wish I could post process a story like that. I need to get a copy of Storyshop.


~ by danbaumbach on December 31, 2017.

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