I’ve updated my artist’s statement as part of updating my web page. Each time I update it, it feels clearer and more honest. Here it is below.


I love being out in the natural world. There’s nothing I like better than wandering around the mountains and foothills with my camera. Though the natural world is my inspiration, I’m not content capturing beautiful photographs of mountains, streams, flowers, etc. I’m more interested in capturing little vignettes that pull us inward to experience our own beauty.

I’m a photographer and not a Photoshop artist. What you see in my photographs are what was in front of my lens—with occasional removal of small distracting elements. In my youth I took pride in my darkroom skills where I would take a negative and make a beautiful print from it. The same goes for today. Today, my “negatives” are raw digital images and my chemicals and trays have been replaced by my Mac and Photoshop. However the intention is the same—to take the raw material produced by the camera and turn it into a beautiful print.

So, when you see my prints or jpegs, I don’t want you to marvel at the beauty of Colorado or the Rocky Mountains—I want you to marvel at the simple beauty in the photographs, and in that marveling, be quieted and become peaceful.

I remember as a youth seeing Picasso’s Guernica at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It was this very large painting on a very large wall and you could just sit there and be taken in by it. At that time I knew nothing about the Spanish Civil War, but Picasso’s mastery was such that the painting could stand on its own and didn’t need history or politics for its appreciation.

The same goes for my art. I have strong political opinions but I’m not interested in making art about them. Governments come and go. I’m looking for my work to be timeless. I want art to inform us of our higher nature, of the intrinsic beauty in all things: of the timelessness of existence—hence the name Timelesslight.

~ by danbaumbach on July 5, 2018.

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