Macros as Art Workshop


The basics of macro photography are not that difficult. Most point and shoots have a macro mode, and modern DSLR lenses can focus fairly closely.

Making beautiful macro photos is something else and that’s what we’ll focus on in this workshop. We’ll go over exposure, depth of field, macro lenses and the techniques that I use for making my Grass Menageries photos.

We’ll get together at my home in Boulder on Friday night, introduce ourselves and go over what we’re interested in learning. I’ll go over the macro techniques that I use including lenses, exposure, depth of field, fill flash and use of a tripod. This session will last two to three hours

Saturday morning we’ll meet before sunrise and go out to photograph grasses. This session will last about two-three hours. By that time the sun will probably be too high in the sky to work with.

We’ll take a break for breakfast and have another class session at my home where we’ll go over out images, see what we learned and see where we can improve.

The workshop will include between 4 and 7 participants. I recommend you have a DSLR a macro lens and a tripod. If you don’t have a macro lens, I recommend getting a Sigma 70-300 macro zoom. This lens is quite good and costs only about $200.

A tripod and remote release or delayed shutter release is necessary because we’ll be shooting at slow shutter speeds.

A laptop and either Lightroom or Photoshop will be helpful so we can go over what we did on our field session.

For examples of my macro grass photographs my website to the Grass Menageries portfolio.

The workshop will be September 13-14 and will be $150 per person. Registration includes a minimum of $75 deposit to hold your place.

Contact me at with any questions and/or to register.

Payment and deposits can be made through my PayPal account, or you can mail a check to Dan Baumbach, 1551 Norwood Avenue, Boulder 80304

~ by danbaumbach on July 27, 2019.

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