Every Blade Has a Voice


Actually everything in nature has a voice and is singing. Some songs, like those of trees and flowers, are easily heard and appreciated. Most of us respond to their songs without any effort. But grasses are much quieter, and one needs to pay more attention to them or we won’t hear them.

Now take those red poppies over there; their song is quite loud. It sounds like an aria from a Wagnerian opera. But grasses are quiet. The quieter you are, the more you hear.

When I’m out photographing grasses I have to put all the louder voices out of my head and pay close attention. Many times the melodies sound monotonous and boring, but then a voice of sweetness will catch me. Some nice harmony, even sometimes what sounds like cacophony can actually work when you listen carefully.

It’s all about listening. There are single voices, harmonies, choruses, counterpoints and more. The trick comes in singling out the voices that you want in your photograph and not having them sound like so much noise.

Choruses are hard to photograph because there isn’t a dominant voice. A lead singer or two backed up by a chorus is easier. Solo vocals, duets and trios can be very beautiful if you can make them stand out from all the other voices. The other voices can add or detract from the main singers—it all depends how loud they are and how well they complement the lead singers.

So many variables to work with. So many challenges. So many possibilities.

~ by danbaumbach on August 6, 2019.

2 Responses to “Every Blade Has a Voice”

  1. Beautiful image – your soloist sings out clearly.

  2. Thank you Tom.

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