2019 — I’d Like to Show You Some Photos

I feel really good about the images I made this year, but I have trouble thinking in terms of Best Of’s, so I’ll just post a selection of photographs from 2019 that I hope you may like as much as I do.

We’ll start with a landscape since I did so few of them this year and it’s rare that I’m very pleased with them.  This is the Long Lake area in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, one of my favorite places. The 24″x36″ print of this looks awesome.


Another atypical image.  These are flowers behind the plastic walls of a green house.


Leaves decaying in South Boulder Creek illuminated by the morning sun


If I just went by “likes” this wouldn’t be here, but I love this ice photo because it’s so different from what I usually do.  Different to me at least.


Living close to the Pacific Ocean for so many years, I have seen a lot of great sunrises and sunsets, but never the amazing ones that I’ve seen in Boulder.


The morning sun reflects off the orange and red walls of Eldorado Canyon into South Boulder Creek.  Sometimes I’m lucky enough to make something with it.  The oranges are natural.


I love the heart shaped leaf and the crack in the ice.  I call this Heart Broken Open


Leaves and what looks like a seed in frozen South Boulder Creek.


Something just done in the last few weeks.  She looks like a naked dancer to me.


Gotta have at least one grass photo.  They’re my best sellers, but I’m wondering if I’m finished with them and ready for something new.


I love trees but I don’t get many tree images that last with me.  I hope this one does.



And, finally some fallen leaves in some new snow in front of my home. This was my Christmas card this year.


I hope you enjoyed my little show.



~ by danbaumbach on December 29, 2019.

10 Responses to “2019 — I’d Like to Show You Some Photos”

  1. I always admire your work, Dan. These are no exception. I’d say you saved my favorite for last.

  2. Impressive collection for sure Dan. I’d love to have any of these in my archive.

  3. Wonderful set, Dan! I’ve really been enjoying your leaves lately. Happy New Year!

  4. You’ve made good use of your year which is something very few can say. As a favorite, I like, very much the leaves on the snow: simple and beautiful.

  5. All expressive images – I particularly like the last one of the fallen leaves in snow.

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