2018 in Review, Best Of

What a year this has been. I’m usually not big on year end Best Ofs, but this has been such a pivotal year that I’m really into it this year end.

To start with, this year I’ve moved primarily away from landscape photography and now do mainly macros and abstracts. It was never my plan to be a macro photographer. I only wanted to make interesting and unique images. This has led me more and more to macros.

I’ve been doing close ups of grasses for a number or years, but this year I added two new portfolios. There were winters when I did a lot of photographs of ice, but the past winter was pretty warm and I ended up photographing decaying leaves in local creeks instead. These images comprise my Where Leaves Go portfolio.

I had great success working with a particular kind of grass that I can find in only few places south of Boulder. These strange angular plants combined with a slight wind comprise my Breaths portfolio.

A portfolio of my Grass images is in the August 2018 edition of Lens Work

In March of 2019 a 6 foot long backlit copy of  Magic Theater will grace the lobby of the new Psychiatric wing of Boulder Community Hospital.

In March, my Grass Managerie images will be part of a Month of Photography exhibit at the Dairy Art Center here in Boulder.

So, without more horn tooting, as of December 22, 2018, here are my favorites of the year. If I had to go back next week and pick a best of 2018 I expect the list would be a bit different. Oh well.

Here are five images from Breaths.











Where Leaves Go











Grass Manageries










Thank you for taking the time to look at them. Have a great 2019.


~ by danbaumbach on December 22, 2018.

11 Responses to “2018 in Review, Best Of”

  1. Happy last year! And may 2019 be just as fruitful. I am happy for your success. Love to you and Chaya.

  2. Leaf piles are a favorite subject of mine also, so I found myself naturally gravitating towards this series of yours.
    Congrats on a great year and all the best for pursuits in 2019!

  3. This is a very nice series of images – it appears you had a pretty good year. I fell in love with abstract nature photography a couple of years ago myself though most of my work utilizes a macro setup. Found your site via a Google search as I was looking to see what other photographer have done and/or are doing in this genre.

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  5. The grasses are uber lovely and instill a feeling of calm in me. Thank you, Dan.

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